The benefits of small world play for kids

Here at Hand Picked Toys we are dedicated to bringing a variety of wooden toys and other toys for children of all ages. We hand pick (as the name suggests) the toys that we have on our website to ensure that they are the best quality, the most educational and just right for toddlers and children’s development.

One popular type of toy that we stock are small world play. 

What is small world play?

Small world play is essentially the idea of a child being able to play with a shrunken down version of the world around them. This can come in a variety of forms animals, people, buildings or cars. In fact, this is a great way to play as the possibilities are endless. 

There a variety of brands that are known for producing small world play based toys, and the majority of these have proven popular for a number of years.

Children will use these toys to act out the world as they see it. They could have a set theme, or perhaps be a way to set up a fantasy land. Wherever the child’s mind takes them.

What are the benefits?

There are a variety of benefits to small world play. One of the biggest has to be developing their imagination. Whilst some of the play will be based on experiences that they child has had in the world, it allows them to also work on their imagination. Getting them to think about how they would react to a situation or create a complete fantasy land.

During small world play a child will develop their language skills, they will often narrate what they are doing, or make up conversations with the people, animals or even objects that they are playing with.

Being able to play alone is a key developmental milestone for children and independent play is definitely encouraged with small world play. Whilst they may be playing alongside another child, this type of play is often solitary. They will be able to express their own ideas without any input from anyone else. 

Finally, small world play is ideal for developing the idea of cause and effect. They can explore a variety of different situations, and take the actions that they feel are right. After this they will learn about the different outcomes. Whilst it may not work exactly like the big wide world that they are yet to explore, it does give them a taste of cause and effect.

Toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are wooden, some are more modern. One thing is for sure, toys are not only designed to be fun for children, but also to aid their learning too. 

So, why not take a look at the toys that we have online? You are sure to find the perfect toy for your toddler or older children.

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